Saturday, April 14, 2018

Bad Days, We're Goning to Have Them

Bad Days, We're Going to Have Them

Okay, I am just going to say it, I have a bad attitude some days. I probably have a crappy attitude more days than I would like to admit. I am exhausted, overwhelmed and just in general tapped out. You know what I am talking about, the kind of tired you feel when you have nothing left to give but everyone is lined up needing/wanting something. If you have ever been there, it is a lonely place. When you reach the end of your rope, and snap. You say things that are out of character,  harsh and sometimes in appropriate. Often the person that gets the brunt of your explosion is not deserving of your unkind outburst.

Yesterday, was of those bad days. It started off with me forgetting to get gas the night before. No big deal, I can stop on my way to work. Well, my son calls me on the way to work wanting me to run an errand for him after work because it has to be done today. I should have told him that he is and adult and that he can do it his self but I didn't. While I was trying to figure out how to fit that into my already busy afternoon, I arrive at work with out stopping to get gas. 

Between classes, I stopped to check my phone. I had two voice texts from my daughter that basically said my windshield wipers suck and need you to go buy me new ones and I have to go back to Murray after work to night. I love this child, so I said we will see if I get a chance.I should have told her to go to AutoZone. You drive up, tell them what you want and they will install them in the parking lot but I didn't.

I  leave work in a hurry because I need to pick the youngest up early from school. Oops! Now I really need to stop for gas. So, I did. I finally  pick my daughter up from school. Run by the bank and then to the courthouse for my next two errands.

At the courthouse, I was trying to get and official ID for my youngest daughter. I get there only to find out that they have to have both a social security card and an official copy of birth certificate. Needless to say, I didn't have both with me at the time. I leave only making it to the hallway before I let a few expletives fly from my lips. Maybe because they were not very helpful.

Now, I have to drive all the way home to get the child's birth certificate and be back in town in time for her physical therapy appointment. On the way home I get a text from my husband, which ends with me having to make another trip to the bank.

We arrive at her physical therapy appointment, register and find our seats. The receptionist calls us back up to the window to let us know we missed are appointment. It was Thursday instead of Friday. Epic mom fail, I am 0-2.

As we headed down stairs, I decide I am going to try to get my blood work drawn. Earlier in the week, they tried to draw blood at my doctor appointment and were still unsuccessful after four sticks. While registering there was a child that was screaming the entire time and running around the lobby. Don't get me wrong, I am not judging any other parents. It was just that my nerves were fried and the registration clerk was really slow, again no judgment here because she probably couldn't  even think with all that noise. They quickly called me back, I was so happy because I knew this girl and she got it with one stick. I thought maybe this day is turning around!

Leaving the parking lot, the telephone rings. It was my son wanting to know when I would be home because the cows were out. I tell him I will be home as soon as I can but I still have an errand to run. The day is not turning around!

I return to the courthouse with the child, the birth certificate and social security card. Four dollars later the mission was accomplished.

We are in the car and headed home. The child announces that she is hungry and going to die unless we stop and get her something to eat. So, I run through a drive thru to get her food because I cannot listen to one more word. Before I take a drink of my milkshake, I spit my gum out the window. It flies back into the car and lands in my lap. At this point, I am running on emotional fumes.

I get to the barn and the cows are already back in the fence. I am very thankful that I did not have to chase cows today. It would not have been good for me or the livestock.

I decided that I would take my mom and youngest to eat. We  arrive at the restaurant to meet my oldest and his wife only to get a call from the middle child that one of our dogs has been spotted far from home and she doesn't have time to pick her up. So, before I even get to sit down I leave my people at the restaurant and go in search of the dog. When I get almost home, I see the dog head back to the house. I pull in the drive way, text my family that I am not coming back and crawl into bed.

I am done! Peace out! See ya later! Mom is hiding! I am Running Away from Home!

I lived this day and now I have written about it. It was a totally crappy day. I was tired and overwhelmed before it even started. After reading what I wrote I realized a few things. First of all, if I had been prepared, managed my time a little better and not procrastinated it might have been a different kind of day. The second thing that I  noticed about this day was that I need to learn to say "No."  However, the last and most important thing that I realized was that this day no matter how bad, it was still a good day! My family is healthy, they have food to eat, they have a place to live and they are loved.

Bad days are going to come and that's okay. Just remember that it could be much worse so be thankful for you crazy beautiful messy life!

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