Monday, April 9, 2018

My Farmers and My Chicks

My Farmers and My Chicks

I have lived on a small family farm my entire life. My Dad made sure to instill a love of the land not only in me but also in his grandchildren. Luckily, I married a man who believes in that same stewardship of the land.

The kids have always taken an active part in all things farm related. They have had their own sweet corn patch, watermelons and pumpkins. They have feed animals, cleaned pens and fenced. This has taught them the value of hard work and the realities of life and death on the farm.

We talked to our kids to see what they would like to see happen to the farm. They each have a goal that they would like to work toward on the farm. The boy is interested in cattle, one girl would like to have a green house and trees, and the other girl is wanting sheep. So after this discussion, the plans were set in motion to start a beef cattle operation.

This is just a little peek into the kind of conversations that happen in our living room at 10:00PM on a Saturday night.

The door slams, a purse hits the kitchen table. The first words out of her mouth are, "I want you to know that I am terribly disappointed! I stopped at the barn to introduce myself to the new calves. You said we were getting babies! They are not bottle babies. I had already picked out the outfit I was going to wear to take a Selfie, while I was bottle feeding the new babies!"

The girl leaves the room. When she returns, the conversation goes like this:

G-If I can't have bottle babies I want a black Oreo cow, a brown Oreo cow and a Brahman calf named Eeyore.
*Oreo cows aka Belted Galloway
D- There is no such thing as a brown Oreo cow.
M- Yes there is.
D-What good is a Brahman?
G- Not everything has to have a purpose. They can just be cute. Besides, they are really good mamas.
D- Are you going to name one of the Charolais calves Snowball?
M- No! We don't name our food. Snowball burgers are hard to eat. I speak from experience.
G- Why are there so many rabbits it the hutch with the white ones?
D- So, I can fatten them up.
G- You are going to put them in the running pen?
D- We are going to eat them. Well, one of them.
M- I'm not eating them.
D- You are going to eat one of  the steers
G- We are talking about rabbits!

Don't mistake this crazy conversation for my kids not understanding the things that happen on a farm. Just enjoy the fact that there is still a sweet innocent soul that sees the beauty in this life style. We should all take a few moments and stop to realize that everything doesn't have to have a purpose. We are able love and enjoy somethings just because we can.

These are my farmers and my chicks and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world! I love this crazy beautiful messy world. Stay tuned for more adventures from the farmers and their chicks

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